The Value of Quietly Waiting

As an administrator in a childcare program I was called to help a caregiver transition from one room to another with two immobile infants. The children did not know me and I was going to need to pick an 8 month old up to assist the caregiver. I got down low, close to the child, and said, “I’m Melissa. I need to pick you up to take you back to the Unicorn Room.” The child turned their head away from me. I waited. They looked back at me. I waited some more and then said, “I need to pick you up and we will follow Deborah.” The child looked away. Again, I waited, quietly. The child turned back to me and lifted their arms. I picked them up and followed Deborah. Children need time to process new information and, when trusted and met with understanding, adults can find the value of quietly waiting.

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