For Professional Carers

Magda Gerber believed that infants deserve the best a society can give them. RIE helps caregivers in a wide array of childcare settings provide every infant and toddler with the responsive and respectful care that is foundational to a healthy life.

RIE Moments — Caregivers

Professionals who practice the Educaring Approach share memorable moments when the baby in their care noticeably responded to their RIE practice.

What’s your RIE moment?

RIE Learning Stories

Learning stories help caregivers capture and share with parents and other professionals what infants and toddlers learn through the Educaring Approach.

“I would like to make the people who work with infants the most honorable and best paid–not overpaid, because it shouldn’t be done by people who do it only for the money. Educaring should be done by very capable people who also make a decent living. That’s what I would wish for the future. 

We can make it happen. It won’t happen in weeks or even in months. The politician will not make it happen. We have to do it. We have to present ourselves like professional people who do a most important job, which we do. Slowly, not in my time but in yours, this may have results. Keep fighting for it.”

Magda Gerber Educaring, 1995