Webinars and Annual Conference.

Young toddler on top of low ramp looking right at the camera with a huge smile.

2024 Annual RIE Infant-Toddler Conference

The RIE Infant-Toddler Conference for Parents and Professionals is our annual gathering of community from around the globe–parents, nannies, caregivers, childcare providers, aligned professionals and policymakers — all passionate about improving the quality of infant care and deepening our understanding of the current science on infants and toddlers, caregiving, relationships, and Educaring.

In March 2023 our conference brought together hundreds of professionals from more than 15 countries and 26 states for two days of an online conference.

Stay tuned for details and specific dates in April, 2024!

Recent Webinars.

In our new webinar series, we use our RIE eyes to probe into hot infant-toddler topics and support childcare providers, parents, and aligned professionals with information and discussion. Explore past webinars or sign up for the next one!

Screenshot of RIE® Associate Ruth Anne Hammond during her webinar on Toddlers and Regulation

RIE Associate and author of Respecting Babies: A Guide to Educaring for Parents and Professionals  Ruth Anne Hammond discusses what happens in the first two or three years of life that allows a person to manage the ups and downs of life, the pleasurable and the difficult feelings in a flexible and resilient way, through the lens of Dr. Allan N. Schore’s Regulation Theory.

Screenshot of RIE® Associate Eileen Henry during her webinar on Sleep

RIE Associate and author of Compassionate Sleep Solutions Eileen Henry share a wealth of knowledge and expertise on sleep in this 1.5 hour webinar.

Screenshot of RIE® Associate Patty Ryan's webinar on Toddlers and Conflict

RIE Associate Patty Ryan shares her insight on toddler conflict.