Parent-Infant Guidance Classes (in-person)

Parent-Infant Guidance: RIE Certified Parent-Infant Guidance classes encourage parents to provide an environment where babies can be attentive, active, exploring and aware of self and others. Designed to support children’s authenticity and responsibility from an early age, Parent-Infant Guidance classes help parents to be confident in their supportive role towards these significant discoveries. Our Hollywood and Pasadena locations are now open for in-person classes. To learn more please access our free orientation videos.

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Classes meet once a week for 90 minutes: Facilitated by a RIE Associate, small groups of parents and children come together in a relaxing, safe environment to take pleasure in the childs’ unfolding development and play. The classes are designed to support the way adults learn, which is through repetition over time. During class the facilitator models a way of being with children that values their inborn competencies and inner drive to explore, learn and discover.

Classes are limited to 8 infants and their parents. Infants are grouped according to their stages of development.

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Pasadena Schedule

Instructor: Kira Solomotova
– 9:00  Older Toddler (walkers)
– 12:00  Young Infant (pre-mobile/mobile) * new class forming

Instructor: Kira Solomotova
– 11:00  Young Toddler (pre-walking/new walkers)

Instructor: Ruth Anne Hammond
– 10:00 Toddler (walkers)
– 3:30 Older Toddler (walkers)

Instructor: Ruth Anne Hammond
– 12:00 Infant (pre-mobile/mobile)

Instructor: Kira Solomotova
– 10:30 Young Toddler (pre-walking/walking)
– 1:00 Toddler (walkers)

Instructor: Jill Getto Lee
– 9:30 Toddler (walkers)
– 12:00 Young Infant (pre-mobile/mobile) * new class forming

Hollywood Schedule

Instructor: Wendy Kronick
– 12:00 Young Toddler (pre-walking/walking)

Instructor: Jill Getto Lee
– 9:30 Toddler (walking) * new class forming
– 12:00 Young Infant (pre-mobile/mobile)

Instructor: Jill Getto Lee
– 9:30 Older Toddler (walkers)

Instructor: Ida Reid
– 9:30 Older Toddler (walkers)
– 12:30 Infant (mobile)
– 3:00 Young Toddler (pre-walking/walking)



Register for a class now or for more information email  To learn more please access our free orientation videos.

Have more questions?  Register for our free online Q&A sessions with a RIE Associate, check out our FAQs or learn more about our COVID guidelines for in-person classes.

*schedule subject to change

Parent Guidance Classes (online)

Our online classes are facilitated by a certified RIE Associates where small groups of no more than 8 families come together in a supportive online forum. A variety of topics relevant to the children’s current stage of development are covered and change as children grow. Some of the topics explored are:

  • Sleeping
  • Crying
  • Motor skills
  • Caregiving activities such as diapering, feeding and bathing
  • Peer and sibling interactions

Online classes are once a week for 60 minutes. The online forum is intended for parents only although we recognize your child/ren may be nearby or need care during class.

The cost for a one-month cycle is $180 and is prorated based on your start date. Classes are billed in one-month calendar-based cycles and are designed to begin at birth and last until the children are around two years old. Some months will include 3 classes, due to closures for holidays or organizational events, and some months will include 5. The rate is based on an average of 4 classes per month and does not change if there are more or less in a cycle. There are no credits or refunds for missed classes.

Enroll in one of our online classes from anywhere in the world!  Classes are for parents of newborn to 30-month olds.

Classes for parents and professional caregivers

We have several class options for parents and professionals that support our mission: To improve the lives of infants and toddlers through respectful care.

Introduction to Educaring: This 3-hour course offers an overview of Educaring, instructed by a certified RIE® Associate. Topics include trust in the child, the guidelines of sensitive caregiving, facilitating optimal development through play, and communicating respect for children through our everyday interactions.
Before Baby: An introductory online course for those expecting, waiting to adopt, or thinking about becoming a parent, Before Baby™ is designed to start you on your journey with confidence in yourself as a parent and trust in your baby’s unique ability to show you the way.
Nurturing Nanny: This course is for in-home caregivers and offers knowledge and practical suggestions that can help make this work easier and more enjoyable, resulting in advantages for the infants and young children who receive professional care.
RIE Foundations: Theory and Observation: This professional development course is offered online, at our Los Angeles based RIE Center and throughout the world. It is designed to enhance the skills and competencies of parents, and professionals who work in the field of infant care, teach in a college environment, work with parents, or train students in infant care and development.

Learn more about the Educaring™ Approach

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