Becoming a parent is one of the greatest changes in a person’s life. We want to give our baby our best! It can be a little surprising to feel so unprepared. At RIE®, we help parents focus on what is essential and how to give their baby the best possible start.

RIE parents practice being unhurried, sensitive to their babies’ needs, and confident in their ability to provide their baby with natural opportunities for growth. They observe and learn to listen for guidance from within themselves and from their baby. They give their baby the opportunity to do what they can do. They invest in this time knowing “I will do this now and later reap the benefits.” Parents tell us RIE helps them feel more confident, calm, and centered.

Classes for Parents

Learning from RIE Associates online or seeing the approach modeled in a RIE class helps parents make it their own. We offer live classes at the RIE Centers in Los Angeles and in locations around the world through our network of RIE Associates and online classes in a variety of time zones to meet people where they are. We have ongoing classes and welcome new families. As infant/toddler specialists, we can help you understand your baby and are here to answer your parenting questions. We can’t wait to see you in class!

RIE Parenting Moments

Parents who practice RIE share “aha” moments, little stories of everyday epiphanies where it all made sense.