Bite a Bagel



Written by Wendy Rolnick and illustrated by RIE® Associate, Jude Keith Rose, Bite a Bagel is a colorful 20 page book that shows culturally diverse toddlers biting bagels, bananas and biscuits (that don’t cry!) and being gentle with other children and toys.

This positive guidance approach is unlike most other books written for children about biting: Because toddlers learn from what they see and hear, there is not one “NO” in this book for them to imitate.  Bite a Bagel uses simple, positive language and lets children know what they CAN DO rather than what NOT to do.

The author and illustrator use their child development knowledge about very young children’s need for oral exploration to show toddlers that biting food is what to do with teeth.  Targeting the attention span and interests of mobile infants and toddlers, there is just one child pictured on each page. Adults reading the book receive a gentle lesson in how to phrase what we want children to do, rather than what we don’t want them to do.