RIE® Foundations: Theory and Observation™

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This comprehensive professional development course is designed to enhance the skills and competencies of parents and professionals who work in the field of infant care, teach in a college environment, work with parents, or train students in infant care and development. You will have opportunities to share your individual goals.

Our Foundations course is a deep look at the Educaring® Approach and is a 60 hour commitment (a combination of instruction and self-study including observation, reading and writing assignments). This is the course where you will learn to implement Magda Gerber’s Educaring Approach.

This course provides an overview of the following:

  • natural gross motor development
  • fine motor development that is driven by the innate urge to play
  • social-emotional development
  • designing the environment for optimum learning
  • the art of observation
  • Parents’ and infants’ needs, expectations, and learning process
  • appropriate “curriculum” for infants and toddlers

Whether you are with infants for brief appointments or provide full-time care, this course will deepen your understanding of infant development and help you be of service to babies and their families.

Who Takes Foundations?

This course will benefit anyone who wants to implement respectful care with the babies in their lives or profession. In your class, you are likely to meet fellow students who are:

  • Parents
  • Child care staff & administrators
  • Nannies
  • Social workers
  • Early interventionists
  • Doulas
  • Infant mental health professionals
  • Infant massage therapists
  • Pediatricians
  • Midwives
  • University professors
  • Newborn care specialists
  • Parenting coaches
  • Infant sleep specialists
  • and more!

Class Format

RIE certified Foundations classes are taught online and in-person around the world by certified RIE Associates.  Generally all classes will be a mix of meeting time (in-person or via Zoom), independent study, and observations in the field (or via video).  All courses have a minimum of 36 hours of instruction (including live or recorded).

Courses are intentionally kept small at 10-14 participants, allowing ample opportunity to come to know your fellow students as you learn together throughout the course. Students learn in a cohort of peers, with time spent in large and small group discussion.

The particular structure of a class in terms of time and length of class time is dependent on the individual course and instructor.  However, all RIE Certified classes share standard hours of learning time, and basic required reading.


Upon successful completion of all training requirements, participants will receive a letter of completion or letter of attendance. The cost of the course is $1395 through rie.org.


If you have questions or would like to learn more, please email us at classinfo@rie.org. If you are interested in attending a Foundations course and are ready to sign up, please register.  Please note the contact information for each course.

Group from in person classes

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