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The RIE® Associate Pathway

Thank you for your interest in the RIE Associate Pathway!

If your goal is to use the Educaring® Approach to care for children, the RIE® Foundations course is the place to start regardless of your prior experience or future goals.  After completing the course, and if you want to lead RIE certified courses, the next step is to continue on the Pathway to becoming a RIE Associate.  RIE certified courses such as RIE Parent Infant Guidance™ classes, RIE Before Baby™, RIE Nurturing Nanny™, and RIE Foundations™, can only be taught by a RIE Associate.

RIE has developed a unique, goal-focused, mentorship-based Pathway to train Associates to teach this approach to others.  Here is how it works:


At the culmination of each course, Foundations instructors have the ability to nominate students for the Pathway. Students who complete Foundations and decide they would like to become an Associate should let their instructors know of their interest. The RIE Associate Pathway is a mentorship-based program and therefore availability it limited.

Here are a few of the baseline qualities instructors look for in their students, as demonstrated by their engagement in the course:

  • a deep knowledge and appreciation of the Approach

  • a deep interest and commitment in the work of the RIE organization

  • an interest in sharing this work with parents and professionals

  • experience in mentoring, teaching, or working in groups with adults

  • a basic education of child development, usually from college courses in the field

  • interpersonal communication skills in working with people in a respectful, sensitive, and articulate manner

If your instructor feels that you meet these criteria, you may be nominated for the Practicum.   Most nominations are currently on hold due to COVID. During this time we are re-evaluating our policies and processes.


The goal of the Practicum is for the student to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Approach by modeling it with infants, and by interacting respectfully with parents. During the Practicum, you will learn from a mentor over a period of around twelve months. The length varies depending on each person’s individual learning.

Depending on your geographical location and goals, there are a few different models for the Practicum. If you live near an Associate who is currently teaching RIE Parent Infant Guidance classes, you may assist in teaching those classes once or twice a week. If you are currently working in group care, your mentor will observe and guide your practice either in-person or virtually via recordings. You might also form your own parent-child group and host classes for that group, with your mentor observing and guiding your progress each week.

The practicum requires direct interaction and involvement in an infant or toddler setting where you assist with set-up, facilitation and clean-up of the environment as well as interacting with parents and children.

The Practicum costs $1500.

New practicums are on hold at this time due to the unavailability of in-person classes. The only nominations that will be considered are situations where there is an in-person practicum experience available and accessible. For example, if the person is located in a place where Parent-Infant classes are running or if they are working in a childcare center and a distance practicum is feasible and reasonable.


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Students who complete the Practicum may move on to the Internship. The goal of the Internship is to give you practice in educating other adults about the Educaring Approach. During this phase, you will assist in teaching in at least three separate Foundations courses. The instructor for the course serves as your mentor during the course. Internships may be done in-person or during online Foundations courses, or some combination thereof.

The Internship costs $1000.

Successful completion of all three facets of the RIE Associate Pathway: the Foundations course, practicum and internship, results in RIE certification, eligibility to join the Alliance of RIE Associates and teach accredited RIE classes. The process can take some time and is a commitment of time, energy and focus.

Joining the Alliance of Associates

Students who complete the Pathway are considered RIE Graduates and are invited to join the Alliance of RIE Associates. We have Associates from all over the world who meet regularly to discuss our practice, receive further training, and support each other. Associates renew their membership each year and pay a small membership fee.

Teaching Certified Courses

Associates may apply to teach each of the certified courses. It is a simple application process that involves requesting recommendation letters from your mentors in the Pathway. At this point, you’re considered certified to teach that course. A small portion of fees are paid to RIE for each course. In addition to teaching the certified courses, many Associates share the approach in other ways such as consulting with childcare programs, offering coaching to parents, or serving on RIE’s board of directors or various committees. This is a powerful way to make a difference for infants and toddlers.


If being an Associate sounds like the career for you, the first step is to sign up for a RIE Foundations course. Discuss your goals with your instructor so they can be your guide in this individualized process.