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Our professional development courses are designed to enhance the skills and competencies of parents, and professionals who work in the field of infant care, teach in a college environment, work with parents, or train students in infant care and development. In RIE®‘s professional development program, participants learn to implement Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach through lectures, videos, discussions, observations, reading, and practicums. Each student is mentored according to his or her goals. Upon successful completion of all training requirements, graduates will be qualified to join the Alliance of RIE® Associates and teach accredited RIE® classes.

RIE® Foundations: Theory and Observation™

This course provides an overview of the Educaring® Approach including gross motor, fine motor, social-emotional development of the infant, designing the environment, planning the curriculum, and issues in parenting. The course also includes visits to childcare centers and for those taking the course in Los Angeles, observation of Parent-Infant Guidance classes. RIE® Foundations™ is open to everyone.

RIE® Practicum™

After completion of the RIE® Foundations™ course, students are eligible for consideration for the Practicum™ portion of the training.

RIE® Internship™: Supervised Teaching and Evaluation

Upon completion of the RIE® Practicum™, students are eligible for consideration for the RIE® Internship™ where students assist in preparing and teaching a minimum of three RIE® Foundations™ courses. Successful completion results in a RIE® Certificate, eligibility to join the Alliance of RIE® Associates and teach accredited RIE® classes.

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I did not expect the RIE® Foundations™ course to be such a rich and personal experience. This course has truly been life-changing for me. I think the most noticeable change I will make when I return to work will be my pace. I am going to slow down and then slow down some more– to really focus on the infants in my care–to give them my FULL attention. I know the children and I will benefit greatly.” Carolyn Paetzel, RIE® Practicum™ Student

“I’ve learned about what respect really means applied to infants and toddlers and that trust and confidence are as important coming from adult to child as they are coming from child to adult.” Melissa Lowndes, RIE® Foundations™ Student

“I learned many things that have already helped in my family life, but I did not expect to feel so moved and inspired by the class. It really opened my eyes to how powerful and important these ideas are and makes me wonder what the world would be like if every child were treated with respect.” Amy Gennrich, RIE® Intern™ and Mother of a Toddler