Respecting Babies


The basic assumption of [Magda Gerber’s] Educaring® approach, and of this book, is that what adults do with infants and toddlers either supports or undermines their inner drive to learn and to develop their unique capacities as human beings. The Educaring® Approach is meant to provide the necessary scaffolding for infants and toddlers to maximize their capacity for self-regulation and purposeful activity, within the context of a few special relationships with parents or other deeply involved caregivers. The body of the book outlines the elements that, when applied as an integrated approach to child rearing, produce children who are joyful, authentic, competent, cooperative, motivated, self-regulating, and responsible.

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Respecting Babies: A New Look at Magda Gerber’s RIE® Approach is an engaging summary of the history and caregiving methods introduced by RIE® Founding Director Magda Gerber. The book highlights key elements of the Educaring® Approach and examines how to effectively put them to use. Readers will learn about the importance of following routines, using language, and creating safe environments in order to promote a child’s ability to experiment, explore, and learn.