The LA Nanny Book


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“The LA Nanny Book is a wonderful and long overdue guide for nannies seeking employment in Los Angeles or anywhere else… Ms. Neilson’s sound advice, based on years of experience as a nanny, offers the essentials on how to maintain a healthy working employer/employee relationship. This book is a must-read for those in the professional childcare industry.” — Wendy Kronick, RIE® Associate

Chapters include:

  • Choosing to Become a Nanny
  • How to Start? When? Where?
  • Job Seeking and the Interview Process
  • Work Environment
  • Work Ethics
  • Building Up Your Relationship with the Parents
  • Building Up Your Relationship With the Child
  • The Educaring® Approach
  • How to Apply the Educaring® Approach
  • Where to Learn the Educaring® Approach
  • Traveling with the Family
  • Finishing with the Family: Leaving a Legacy