Online Parent Guidance Classes


Our Parent Guidance Online Classes aim to guide adults towards seeing infants as competent and capable of being responsive, exploratory and authentic from an early age. We believe that infancy is a crucial time of life when basic patterns of relating, living, and learning are formed. Parenting is a profound and challenging process that requires ongoing reflection. Our hope is that parents feel better prepared, from the beginning, so the experience becomes easier and more rewarding. An infant-oriented environment, where children are allowed to become active explorers who are intrinsically motivated to grow and develop at a pace just right for them, is encouraged. Parents are invited to sit back, learn and enjoy what their child is doing and who their child is. Our online classes include dialogue and content, such as videos and article discussions, related to how to manage these ideas in your home.

 Facilitated by a certified RIE Associate, small groups of no more than 8 families come together in a supportive online forum. A variety of topics that are relevant to the children’s current stage of development are covered. As the children grow, the topics change. Some of the topics explored are:

  • Sleeping
  • Crying
  • Motor skills
  • Caregiving activities such as diapering, feeding and bathing
  • Peer and sibling interactions

The facilitator guides the discussion and shares how the Educaring Approach can be applied.

Class Schedule 

  Monday 12:30 PM Parents of older toddlers/young preschoolers (27 – 46 months)
  Wednesday 6:00 PM Parents of young toddlers (13 to 14 months)
  Thursday 10:30 AM Parents of young infants (5 to 9 months)
7:00 PM Parents of toddlers (19 to 27 months)
  Friday 9:30 AM Parents of older infants/young toddlers (16 to 21 months)
  Saturday  10:00 AM Young infants (newborn to 6 months)
11:30 AM Parents of toddlers (22 to 29 months) *WAITLIST ONLY
  Sunday  11:30 AM Parents of toddlers (28 to 38 months)

All times are in the United States Pacific time zone.


Online classes are once a week for 60 minutes. The online forum is intended for parents only although we recognize your child/ren may be nearby or need care during class.

The cost for a one-month cycle is $180 and is prorated based on your start date. Classes are billed in one-month calendar-based cycles and are designed to begin at birth and last until the children are around two years old. Some months will include 3 classes, due to closures for holidays or organizational events, and some months will include 5. The rate is based on an average of 4 classes per month and does not change if there are more or less in a cycle.


To learn more, check out our orientation videos.

Depending on the age of your child, your schedule and time zone, classes are offered 7 days a week with morning, day and evening options. The Program Director will follow up with you after the orientation to find the right fit for you.


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