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RIE is changing the world one diaper at a time. Want to help? There are plenty of ways to get involved.

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Membership in RIE shows the world that you respect babies, believe in parents, and value the essential work of childcare providers.

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When you donate to RIE, you’re helping us expand our programs to communities across the US and the globe. We are particularly focused on increasing access among families and caregivers in communities of opportunity.

RIE is valued across childcare settings and communities because our relationship-based and caregiving-focused approach is accessible to anyone regardless of circumstances. Moreover, the RIE philosophy champions parents as the experts in their child. By centering the caregiving relationship, RIE can help families protect against adverse childhood events (ACEs) that put infants at risk due to environmental factors beyond their control.

RIE is actively seeking ways to expand accessibility to our programs, equity in our training, and diversity in our organization. Your financial help can us get there!

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If you are inspired by the Educaring approach, interested in growing your understanding of this model of infant/toddler care, and open to how it might change you as a human being, we invite you to consider our professional development training.

Whether you are a caregiver or a parent, you will increase your understanding and skills of infant/toddler development with a recognized and respected professional training designation. Upon completion of our multi-year training program, you could join our thriving community of respected and professional RIE Associates offering classes, consulting and coaching around the globe.