Creating RIE-Inspired Playspaces In-person Workshop

BW Photo of an assortment of play objects from the play object closet at RIE® Hollywood Center.

Sep 16, 2023

Pasadena, CA Classroom

BW Photo of an assortment of play objects from the play object closet at RIE® Hollywood Center.

Join RIE® Associate, Kira Solomatova in our Pasadena studio classroom to explore the idea of creating a RIE-inspired environment in your home or program. Learn ways to use household Items, recycled materials, and Innovation to develop a safe space that works for everyone. Bring your questions and find answers and community with other parents and caregivers. Find tickets here.

RIE® Associate, Kira Solomatova, is a child development expert based in Pasadena, California. Despite both her parents being engineers, Kira always had a passion for working with children. She pursued her passion by majoring in Early Child Development with a focus on bilingual families and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development. Kira worked as a preschool teacher for several years, where she observed the stresses and challenges that parents and teachers faced throughout the day. She noticed that parents and teachers tried to eliminate the struggles and “put down the fire,” but it seemed like a never-ending cycle. She felt that something was missing and continued her studies until she found RIE, which provided the missing piece. Not only did the Educaring Approach help Kira advocate for children, it also helped Kira become a more authentic person herself. Kira published her first book, “Toby is My Bear” as part of a conflict resolution series for preschoolers. She also runs a blog about conflicts with toddlers and preschoolers at, where she shares insights and tips on supporting day-to-day transitions and processing new events. She helps parents and teachers with conflict resolution by creating visual stories for children. Kira is passionate about helping others understand and develop positive relationships with children.