Creating a RIE-Inspired Environment in Your Home or Program

Kira Solomatova

Dec 04, 2023


RIE Associate, Kira Solomatova delves into the principles of Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach, which centers on the core value of RESPECT. This webinar will explore Educaring’s goals of nurturing healthy relationships between parents, caregivers, and children, and will focus on fostering a child’s sense of competence and agency. The session highlights the importance of providing a physically safe, mentally stimulating, and emotionally nurturing environment, often referred to as a “safe ‘yes’ environment.” We’ll discuss using passive toys, promoting a “less-is-more” approach in toy selection, and trusting a child’s natural curiosity and self-learning abilities. This webinar aims to empower caregivers to create a space where children can play, problem-solve, and work through their emotions. Register here