Parent-Infant Class Policies

Current Parent-Infant Class Policies
(updated January 15, 2022)*

Tuition Policy 
Parent-Infant Guidance Classes are organized into calendar-based, one-month billing cycles. There are an average of four classes per month. Some cycles will have more classes and others less depending on the number of weeks in a month and the number of holidays. The average over the course of a year is four classes per billing cycle. 

An email will be sent the week before the new month begins, alerting you that your card will be charged at the beginning of the month.

Parent-Infant Guidance Classes are designed to last until children are around 24 months. Classes are continuous, i.e., there are no lapses between one month and the next. You may withdraw at the end of any one-month cycle. 

Families with twins receive a discount of 50% for the second child. 

Missing Class
There are no makeup classes and no refunds for missed classes. Facilitators are only compensated when families pay. If you must miss a class, the facilitator still runs class and holds your spot. 

RIE Cancelling a Class
Sometimes unforeseen circumstances mean a class must be cancelled without time for a substitute to be arranged. In this case, you will receive a credit for the class. 

Any credits will be applied to the following month’s fee. 

Extended Breaks 
We understand there are times you know you will miss two or more classes in a month, due to vacation, holidays, etc. Per the above policy, RIE’s position is that these types of breaks will not be credited. 

However, if you will be gone for an extended period we are able to put your enrollment  on hold with the understanding that your place in class is not guaranteed. When you are ready to return, we will make every effort to place you in your original class. If the class is full, we will offer enrollment in a different class. 

Changes to Enrollment 
If you need to change your schedule for any reason, please email or contact the Program Director. Changes to enrollment must be made before a billing cycle ends to affect the following cycle. Please do not contact your instructor for enrollment changes.

The following are the holidays when Parent-Infant Guidance Classes will not be held. There will not be credits given to families for these dates as they are simply part of the overall calendar-month-based system, where some cycles have more classes and others less. 

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving and the day and weekend after (Thursday thru Sunday)
  • Christmas Eve through December 31st 

In-person families will be given a copy of the RIE Manual. 

Registration Process 
If you know anyone interested in Parent-Infant class in Pasadena or Hollywood:

If they are ready to Register: