Sharing The Educaring® Approach

Dear Friends of the Educaring® Approach:

As the community of practitioners and proponents of RIE®’s Educaring Approach continues to expand at an exciting rate, the RIE Organization is fielding a growing number or requests for guidance on how to share the Approach with others.
In short, we encourage everyone who has been influenced or inspired in any way by the Educaring Approach to share your excitement, experiences and perceptions broadly to anyone who might benefit from knowing about the Approach.  Add your voice to the dialogue.  Only with more and more voices speaking up in support of striving for the highest quality infant care will we hope to achieve our vision of respectful care for all young children.

Whether you had a friend tell you about the Educaring Approach at a school event, or you saw some posts on a blog, or you read a book or attended a seminar given by any one of the organization’s certified RIE Associates, or were blessed to have met or studied with Madga Gerber herself or any of the legendary leaders in the field of early childhood with whom she collaborated — no matter what form your exposure took — please share your views and experiences with others.

Should your interest or that of those you tell result in the desire to explore and learn more, then reach out directly to a RIE Associate for a phone call.  They have spent many years of their professional life in an extensive apprentice-based mentoring program of deep study of the Educaring Approach.  Our RIE Associates, you will find, strive to be role models of the respectful relationships, gentle and open-minded discourse and the hunger for new perspectives that Magda Gerber represented in every fiber of her being.

In addition to our certified RIE Associates, you could also check out the books and videos, websites and blogs and certified training programs that RIE features on its website.  If you desire to teach the Educaring Approach to others or create or grow your business by using the Educaring Approach, or you simply wish to achieve the professional distinction of being certified in the Educaring Approach, please visit our page how to become a RIE Associate.

Having been so carefully woven out of the practical observations and gifted human insight of its author, Magda Gerber, RIE’s Educaring Approach has also been thoroughly validated by decades of modern scientific research.  The Educaring Approach is too profoundly fundamental to the successful development of the human race to be kept a secret and it should be shared without bounds for the benefit of all.

Jill Getto Lee                                          Gail Nadal                               Michelle Mapp
Chair, Board of Directors                       President                                 CEO

While RIE® encourages free and respectful discussion, it goes without saying that no one is entitled to use the RIE® organization’s copyrights, logos or trademarks without the express, prior written consent of RIE® and that RIE® reserves the right to protect its intellectual property rights.  If you have any questions regarding usage of RIE® intellectual property, please contact Michelle Mapp, Interim CEO (