2022 RIE® Membership Vote

Online voting timeline

May 23, 2022           Online voting opens 8:00am Pacific Standard Time
June 10, 2022          Online voting closes at 8:00am Pacific Standard Time

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Nominee Bios

Christine Ho has more than 15 years’ experience leading diverse teams in product development, commercial launch, and business operations.  She leads global teams in resolving complex issues and engages with clients and customers to ensure their needs are met.  As a new mom, Christine participated in RIE’s parent-infant classes and learned the value of listening and respecting the child’s individuality.  These lessons have influenced her both personally and professionally.  Christine holds a BA from UC Davis and a MBA from USC.

Raija Horstman is a mother of four and also an attorney focused on complex commercial litigation, including false advertising, trade secrets, copyright and trademark infringement at Crowell & Moring LLP. She was introduced to RIE by Melanie Snell and has seen the benefits of the Educaring® approach after taking Parent-Infant GuidanceTM classes with her. She is committed to helping RIE® accomplish its mission of making the Educaring® approach accessible to as many babies and families as possible. Raija has a B.A. in German and a M.A. in German Literature from Texas Tech University and J.D. from the University of Texas School of Law. Raija is dedicated to raising her two daughters and two sons with respect and is enjoying watching them explore and grow into their own individual personalities.

Melanie Snell  (San Fernando Valley, California) Melanie Snell is a mother of four children.  She was lucky enough to find RIE when her oldest was four months old. She and her husband have been practicing the RIE philosophy in their home ever since. Melanie became a RIE® Associate in 2014 after slowly making her way through the professional development program, pausing her studies occasionally to have babies. Melanie teaches RIE Parent/Infant classes on Saturdays at the Los Angeles RIE center. She also teaches RIE Nurturing Nanny™️ courses and Before Baby™️ classes, as well as private consulting. During the week she is the Tot Center Coordinator at Kirk O’ the Valley school. Where she works with children 18 months to 3 years old. www.raisingwithrespect.com melsnell@sbcglobal.net

Departing Members
Dave Ryan, January 1, 2022
Christina Suter, July 1, 2022
Marcela Giannini, July 1, 2022